Rigel Systems Updates wifi-Aline Collimation Tool

The wifi-Aline from Rigel Systems enhances the accurate collimation of Dobsonian and Newtonian telescopes by sending a real-time video stream of the telescope optics wirelessly to a tablet, phone or computer’s display. Rigel Systems has announced that the wifi-Aline now comes with an adjustable length focuser extension tube (to assist in better aligning focuser with with primary and secondary) and a USB power bank to power the wifi-Aline.

Rigel Systems Updates wifi-Aline Collimation ToolThe wifi-Aline does not require any additional apps, applications, or other software downloads for use on computers, tablets or phones.

The wifi-Aline’s powerful ESP32 processor wirelessly serves up webpages to the Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone for complete control of all functions and viewing the real-time video stream of your telescope’s optical elements.

As an additional assist, wifi-Aline superimposes 3 coaxial target rings and a crosshair that, once carefully offset to align with the primary mirror edge, guide the collimation adjustments for the secondary and other optical elements to bring them into accurate collimation with the primary mirror.

The wifi-Aline is fully self-contained requiring only power from an external (not included) USB power pack through its (provided) USB power cable. The Wi-Fi range is greater than 20 feet easing the collimation task on large Dobs or Newts where the collimation screws for the primary and secondary mirrors are some distance from the focuser.

Inside, the wifi-Aline surrounds the camera lens with an ultra-bright micro-prism retro-reflector, lit by the light gathered by your primary to brightly delineate the centerline of your optics.

You can learn more about the Rigel Systems updates to the wifi-Aline Collimation Tool here.

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