Askar 130PHQ

The Askar 130PHQ is the new and larger version of the Askar 107PHQ telescope. The air spaced triplet objective lens includes two ED elements for outstanding color correction.

Askar 130PHQThe 107PHQ gives excellent overall performance and is a fine choice for anyone wanting a versatile, high-quality astrograph that is ideal for use with APS-C and full format sensors and offers double duty as a superb visual instrument.

The Askar 130PHQ features a 4-element optical design with a medium fast F7.7 Focal Ratio which provides sharp, false color and aberration free images.

The focal length of 1000mm and F7.7 is perfect for imaging small to medium sized DSO targets. With the optional 0.7x Focal Reducer the focal length is reduced to 700mm and focal ratio reduced to F5.4 thus giving the 130 PHQ superb versatility for DSO imaging of emission and reflection nebulae and galaxies.

The Askar 130PHQ is also an excellent tool for visual astronomy and provides beautiful sharp and contrasty views and can be used very successfully for lunar and planetary viewing and imaging.

The built-in field flattener ensures a 60mm imaging circle, rendering the Askar 130PHQ suitable for use with full format sensors. No additional field flattener is necessary, which ensures the 130PHQ is easy to use with a wide variety of cameras and imaging accessories. An optional focal reducer will be available soon.

For ultra-high resolution full format sensors found in cameras like the ZSO ASI-6200, the optional 0.7x Reducer provides even smaller spot sizes off axis and is highly recommended.

Featuring a high quality 3.4″ Dual Speed Rack and Pinion focuser that is fully rotatable and capable of handling loads up to 8kg. A visual adaptor is also included permitting the use of 2″ and 1.25″ accessories.

With the visual adapter removed, the focuser tube terminates with an M86x1 thread. The scope also includes four stackable adapters for direct attachment of a wide variety of cameras with standard metric threads.

Also included is a standard finder/guidescope adaptor and a foam filled metal carry case. The scope features a high standard fit and finish and also included are a set of tube rings, a Vixen style dovetail and a carry handle that includes mounting holes for additional accessories.

The Askar 130PHQ specifications include:

– Aperture size:  130mm

– Focal length: 1000mm

– Focal ratio: f/7.7

– Objective lens: Quadruplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glass)

– Image circle: 60mm

– Net weight: 10.2kg

– Gross weight:  12.5kg

– Rear-end thread type:M86×1 to M68×1; M68×1 to M54×0.75; M54×0.75 to M52×0.75; M52×0.75 to M48×0.75(with M48×0.75 filter thread)

– Four-piece photographic adapter:  M48×0.75

You can learn more about the Askar 130PHQ here.

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