APM Apo 152mm Refractor

The APM team has announced that it is producing another run of its popular APM Apo 152mm f/7.9 6″ refractor.

APM Apo 152mm RefractorAs Markus Ludes of APM notes, “We have succeeded in developing a telescope with high-quality optics offering modern multi coatings and a solid tube at a previously unattainable price. The 152mm – 1200mm ED has doublet optics with OHARA FPL 51 glass. The second lens is made of lanthanum to achieve maximum correction. This new, innovative combination leads to an optical performance that is far above the usual in this price category To guarantee the typical high quality of APM telescopes, every optic goes through an interferometric test at 532nm (green).”

He continued, “The APM Apo 152mm refractor was designed to be an all-around performer. From observing close binary stars with high contrast to detailed planetary observations, a new group of enthusiasts will be amazed by the APM quality of this scope.”

The telescope is available with a 2.5″ focuser with rack and pinion and 1:10 gear which remains stable even under high loads and is suitable for astrophotography. The APM Apo 152mm is also available with a 3.7″ APM Rack & Pinion focuser.

In addition to the focuser the standard APM Apo 152mm refractor package comes with tube rings, 2″ to 1.25″ deluxe eyepiece adapter and carrying case.

The APM Apo 152mm refractor specifications include:

– Limit value: 12.7 mag

– Max. useful visual power: 300X

– Eyepiece adapter: 2″ to 1.25″

– Tube material: Aluminum

– Back focus: 180 mm

– Focal length: 1200 mm

– Aperture: 152 mm

– Resolution: 0.76″

– Focal ratio: f/7.9

– Coating: Broadband Multicoated

– Color: black/white

– Type of telescope: Doublet ED-Apochromat

– Diameter of tube: 156 mm

– Dew cap diameter: 186 mm

– Case: Included

– Length during observing: 1220 mm

– Transportation length: 1020 mm

– Case weight: 26.4 lbs

– Connection to eyepiece: M68, 2″ and 1.25″

– Total overall weight: 55.7 lbs

– Lens: Doublet ED Apo with FPL51 Element

– Tube weight: 25.6lbs including tube rings and 3” dovetail, Tube only without Caps is 20.6 lbs

You can learn more about the APM Apo 152mm refractor here.

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