One of TEC’s most powerful, yet still portable APOs available the TEC APO200FL F/8 could be considered an observatory class instrument that requires a permanent station and large mount. TEC has announced they have one unit available at the end of July at a cost of $29,600US.

TEC APO200FL F/8TEC’s first observatory class instrument, the TEC APO200FL F/8 allows the observer to delve deep into the beauty of space providing deep contrast and rich, natural color. In the image shown, Optician Nicholai Petrunin Standing is tanding beside a retracted APO200FL F/8.

The TEC APO200FL F/8 features an oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective with a Fluorite (CaF2) middle element, resulting in color correction that is optimized for visual use and imaging. This oil-spaced triplet design in combination with multi-layer coatings on all surfaces of the objective ensure maximal light transmission.

The objective is housed in an aluminum cell, providing for excellent thermoregulation properties while remaining lightweight and strong.

The optical assembly sits in a lightweight aluminum tube that utilizes anti-reflective coating and sharp-edged baffles throughout the interior and forget about collimation – after the scope leaves TEC, no adjustment is required.

Each APO200FL F/8 comes equipped with a Starlight Instruments FTF#3545 Feather Touch Focuser that was designed in collaboration with TEC. This is Starlight Instruments’ largest rotating focuser with coarse and fine focusing 9:1 Planetary Reduction Assembly.

The 2” locking metal collet is insensitive to temperature fluctuations and holds loads with high precision and concentricity.

The TEC APO200FL F/8 specifications include:

– Clear aperture: 200mm

– Focal ratio: 8.0

– Rear wheel (handle) OD: 270mm

– Tube diam: 210mm

– Tube length (retracted): ~1475(+5mm)

– Tube length (extended): ~1830mm(6′)

– Tube weight: 50 lb (22km)

– Dist. CG to focusing knob: ~770mm (30″)

Recommended accessories include:

– 12” Dovetail Plate and Carry Handle facilitate easy transportation and fit seamlessly with most mounts. The larger size fits effortlessly with our larger models.

– Focal Reducer Corrector converts the F/8 Ratio to F/7.2 with a 115mm back focus.

– 10×60 Baader Vario Finderscope with a TEC Finder Bracket and Base for Telescope mounting.

– 7×50 Vixen Finderscope with a TEC Finder Bracket and Base for Telescope mounting.

– Gutekunst Compact Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC)

You can learn more about the TEC APO200FL F/8 here.

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