The Deep-sky Imaging Primer – Third Edition

The Deep-sky Imaging Primer – Third Edition has been released on Amazon and as a PDF on the Author’s (Charles Bracken) website.

As Bracken notes, “I’ve completely updated and expanded The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer with this new third edition. As with prior editions, I aim to provide an overview of everything you need to know to get started in astrophotography.”

The Deep-sky Imaging Primer – Third EditionThe highlights of The Deep-sky Imaging Primer – Third Edition include:

– The key principles of electronic cameras, optics, and mounts

– How to choose the best camera and telescope for you

– How to set up, choose exposure parameters, and take the images

– Where and when to find the best deep-sky objects

– How to process the images

This edition adds coverage of Affinity Photo, NINA, and AstroPixelProcessor. There are hundreds of updates, including a focus on CMOS cameras, many new exercises, updated PixInsight coverage (WBPP, StarNet2, TGVDenoise, MureDenoise, etc.), new processing examples (with a focus on PixInsight), and many other minor additions.

The book is still full-color and now 280 pages with 373 illustrations. As Bracken notes, “I’ve been working on it since 2018, and I’ve tried to incorporate the feedback I’ve heard from readers wherever possible.  More details and the full table of contents are shown at here.

The book at Amazon in paperback for $49.95US. As Bracken comments, “By popular request, it is also now available as a personalized pdf for $29.99.  This includes a bonus chapter, and it’s best viewed on a laptop or full size tablet (not a mini or phone), as it retains the two-column layout of the printed book.  If you’re interested, send PayPal payment to me at with your name and the email address you want me to send the book to. (If you don’t have Paypal, send me a note, and I can send you a link to pay via credit card.) I can usually turn them around in a day, but it may take up to a week if I’m traveling when your order comes in.”

Bracken is also the publisher of The Astrophotography Sky Atlas and The Astrophotography Planner – Second Edition.

You can learn more about The Deep-sky Imaging Primer – Third Edition here.

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