APM 8 x 56 MS ED Binoculars

The new APM 8 x 56 MS ED Binoculars are the latest in the APM Magnesium Series the binocular line and will soon be available this summer, according to Markus Ludes with APM Telescopes.

APM 8 x 56 MS ED BinocularsThe APM 8 x 56 MS ED Binoculars will offer:

– Real FOV: 7.5 degree

– Apparent FOV: 60 degree

– Eye relief: 23 mm

– IPD : 56 mm to 74 mm

– Waterproof

– Weight armored version: 1450 grams

All APM Magnesium Series binoculars bodies are constructed with lightweight Magnesium. Not only is Magnesium the lightest of the metal elements, it is also extremely strong and is resistant to corrosion. The body of each binocular is fitted with a rubber armor, which serves to both protect it from damage while also giving providing a lightweight, slip-resistant grip. You can easily focus your binoculars by adjusting each eyepiece individually, perfectly matching your own vision.

The new APM 8 x 56 MS ED Binoculars join the APM 6×30 MS ED Binoculars which were introduced at the end of last year.

The hallmark of the APM Magnesium Series are their weatherproof and waterproof design, offering ultimate performance. But of course, waterproof and weatherproof Magnesium construction matters little if not matched to optics of equal quality, and here APM’s MS Binos shine, featuring a high-specification BAK-4 Porro-prism optical system, along with ED objective lenses.

The APM Magnesium Series binocular line is designed to offer an impressive wide field view. The compact, sturdy and easy-to-use design makes these binoculars the ideal field companion for daytime and nighttime use. The fully coated FMC optics and the solid mechanics allow a good and true color image reproduction.

These instruments are designed specifically for outdoor use – the entire line features waterproof construction and are fully nitrogen purged for use in the rain or left unprotected on a tripod during showers without the worry of water infiltration. In addition to waterproofing, the binoculars are protected with durable natural rubber covering.

You can learn more about the new APM 8 x 56 MS ED Binoculars here.

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