Waite Research 20″ F/3.0 Telescope Mirror

A Waite Research 20″ f/3.0 telescope mirror has been made available for immediate delivery. The 20″ f/3.0 mirror is on a 1.625″ Supremax-33 substrate which was molded and annealed by United Lens and is a one off, premium telescope mirror. It is coated, center spotted, and has never been mounted in a telescope.

Waite Research 20" F/3.0 Telescope MirrorAs Gordon Waite notes, “This is a terrific mirror and I am happy to send this one to a new home for $8,900 plus shipping. And your big benefit is that we can ship this mirror out in one business day. You won’t have to suffer the 18-month wait to have a new mirror made! Custom 20″ F3.0 mirrors retail for well over $10k so this one will save you a bundle of cash.”

The Waite Research 20″ f/3.0 telescope mirror offers a 60″ focal length so you will never need a ladder and you will be able to do all of your observing with both feet on the ground. As Gordon Waite notes, “The wide field of view is just spectacular. It’s easy to find objects, especially with a longer-focus eyepiece. See the Andromeda Galaxy, M110 and M32 all in the same field of view! And the 20″ mirror with such a short focal length gives you tight, bright stars for beautiful views of clusters and rich star fields.  Note that you will probably want to use a coma corrector with this short focal length primary.”

This mirror weighs 36 pounds. The included FigureXP reports from the Foucault test show that this mirror has a great figure. FigureXP rates the mirror at better than 1/20-wave P-V, with a Strehl Ratio calculated at 0.99 on the report. As Gordon Waite comments, “You should understand that FigureXP is often optimistic with its calculations. In the past we have had mirrors independently tested via interferometry and they are usually rated at around 0.96 or 0.97 Strehl, and better than 1/10th-wave P-V.”

You can learn more about the Waite Research 20″ f3.0 telescope mirror here.

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