Vernonscope Dakin Barlows

A change to the Vernonscope Dakin Barlows has been announced by the company as it has updated its 2” 2.4X Dakin Barlow design.

Vernonscope Dakin BarlowsThe 2″ Vernonscope 2.4X Dakin Barlow can be used with telescopes that accept 2” eyepieces. This Barlow is made with very high quality glass lens that gives sharp contrast. It holds a 2” eyepiece or 2″ to 1.25″ adapter with a brass compression ring, a screw insert, and a stainless steel set screw.

It also can be unscrewed at the center, and the bottom portion containing the Dakin Barlow lens screwed onto a standard 2” eyepiece. When the bottom half is screwed directly into an eyepiece, the magnification is approximately 1.5X.

The Barlow was designed to be placed between the draw tube of a scope and a diagonal. In-travel will need to be longer when separated and screwed into an eyepiece.

As the company notes, “ With the Barlow in it’s normal configuration the top receives the 2″ eyepiece and the bottom has the optical cell. The magnification of an inserted eyepiece is 2.4X. The Barlow can separated from the top section where the 2″ eyepiece would attach. The bottom section of the Barlow has the optical glass elements. The thread of the optical section is designed to receive 2″ eyepieces.”

They continued, “Image 1 shows the 48mm Brandon attached to the optical cell of the Barlow. Giving approximately 1.5X magnification. The 48mm’s effective focal length is changed to a 32mm. The top section would not be used in this configuration. Just insert the eyepiece with the optical cell into a 2″ diagonal or a 2″ draw tube.”

You can learn more about the Vernonscope Dakin Barlows here.

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