Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount

The Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount is a portable EQ/ALT-AZ mount that incorporates high precision strain wave (harmonic) gears. The company is in final development of the mount and will be displaying the mount at the Advanced Imaging Conference 2022. The Nyx-101 mount weights 6.2Kg and is capable of driving 20+ Kg of equipment .

Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Gear MountPegasus Astro will be releasing final specifications of the NYX-101 mount when it is available later this year. Initial specifications and features will include:

– Lightweight Design

– Harmonic Drive on Both Axis (zero backlash)

– No counterweight is required (however counter-weights can be installed for high photographic loads – compatibility with Skywatcher’s countweights / shaft.

– DC 12 Volts Operation

– Secure power GX12 plug, Usb connection at the back (non-movable part)

– Equatorial or Altazimuth Mode Selection

– Electronic assistant on rough polar (N or S) alignment

– Pressure/Atmospheric Guiding Corrections

– WiFi and USB2 Connectivity

– Safety Electronic Brake on RA axis to prevent back-sliding after power-off

– Adapter in front (included) to install Polemaster for precise polar alignment

– Saddle Plate included (compatible with Vixen & Losmandy)

– ASCOM, INDI, Sky Safari Support

– LX200 Compatibility

– Mobile (Android & I0S) Control

– Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Tripod available (optional)

– Adapter (optional) to install mount on Skywatcher’s (N)EQ6 Tripod

You can learn more about the Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount here.

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