Berlebach Tripod Releases

Among the Berlebach tripod releases include the Report Anniversary Edition Tripod and Graviton Tripod.

Report Anniversary Edition Tripod

On the occasion of Berlebach’s 120th anniversary, the company has produced a limited edition of 120 of this high-grade tripod made of high-quality walnut wood and hand-polished brass fittings.

Berlebach Tripod ReleasesThe tripod has a double tripod leg extension and a 37 cm center column. Despite the high-grade finishes this tripod offers state-of-the-art performance and is flexible and expandable by the magnesium mounting head modular system.

The lightweight magnesium mounting head is the module base for 14 different uses. It is possible at any time to change the module insert by the means of a special. The fixation of the cone ensures a positive-locking, backlash-free connection of the components.

With the stop system, the leg spread of 20 °, 40 °, 60 °, 80 ° and 100 ° can be adjusted by the means of a wing lock. The stop system is designed in that way so that the specified load of the tripod is guaranteed, even at maximum spread of the tripod legs.

The Report Anniversary Edition Tripod specifications include:

– Weight: 2.60 kg/5.73 lbs.

– Packed length: 68 cm/27 inches

– Minimum height: 40 cm/16 inches

– Maximum height: 166 cm/65 inches

– Load tolerance: 8.00 kg/17.64 lbs.

Graviton Tripod

The development and production of the Graviton Tripod, Berlebach offers the possibility to be mobile even with very large and heavy mounts. This astronomical high-end tripod stands out in many areas.

Berlebach Tripod ReleasesThe CNC-manufactured metal parts ensure precise guidance, secure, powerful clamping and attractive design. A tray and spread stopper are included.

The Graviton Tripod offers the best vibration damping of all the company’s tripods through its use of massive leg segments made of high-quality ash wood. The lever arm of the clamping element extendible for force optimization and the innovative leg clampings with a flat spring compensates for the hygroscopicity of the wood.

The Graviton Tripod has a 100 % stability trough integrated toothed rack in 5 mm steps. The fine levelling function in the foot tips offer an adjustment path of 20 mm. The spread stopper can be mounted at different heights, so that leg spreads of approximately 20-30° are possible.

The Berlebach Graviton Tripod specifications include:

– Weight: 23.00 kg/50.71 lbs.

– Packed length: 91 cm/36 inches

– Minimum height: 86 cm/34 inches

– Maximum height: 135 cm = 53 inches

– Load tolerance: 220.00 kg/485.01 lbs.

You can learn more about these Berlebach tripod releases here.

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