Eclipse Day 2024 and More

The publisher of the Solar Eclipse Timer app has published a new e-book, “Eclipse Day 2024 and More.”

Eclipse Day 2024 and MoreAs the author, Gordon Telepun, MD, notes, “ Now within 2 years of the 2024 U.S. total solar eclipse, I am happy to announce the release of my ebook, a comprehensive guide to preparing for Eclipse Day. The unique format of this book takes Eclipse Day and divides it into 28 separate essential elements, from arriving at your observation site to leaving at the end of the eclipse. Each of those elements is its own chapter where the information about the astronomy, the science, the observation, photography, and videography techniques are discussed together.”

“Eclipse Day 2024 and More” contains 240 photos, 225 illustrations, 175 dialogue boxes, 12 image galleries, 10 embedded videos, 18 audio files. The book’s appendix is organized more like a traditional eclipse book with the following chapters: Basic Eclipse Astronomy, Simplifying Eclipse Photography, Wide Angle Eclipse Photography, Video Recording Ideas, Mistakes I’ve Made, The Next 10 Total Eclipses. The foreword is written by Bill Kramer a world-renowned eclipse chaser and eclipse educator. The e-book’s cost is $7.99.

An overview of the book chapters include:

  1. Your Observing Site
  2. First Contact
  3. The Partial Phases
  4. Temperature Changes
  5. Pinhole Projection Images
  6. Sharp and Fuzzy Shadows
  7. Mysterious Eclipse Breeze
  8. Convective Clouds
  9. Animal Behavior
  10. Ambient Lighting Changes
  11. Shadow Bands
  12. Umbra Approach
  13. Remove Solar Filters
  14. Diamond Ring
  15. Baily’s Beads
  16. Second Contact
  17. Totality
  18. Planets and Stars
  19. Max Eclipse Horizon
  20. Third Contact
  21. Baily’s Beads
  22. Diamond Ring
  23. Replace Solar Filters
  24. Shadow Bands
  25. Umbra Exit
  26. Final Partial Phases
  27. Fourth Contact
  28. The Eclipse Ends

You can learn more about “Eclipse Day 2024 and More” here.

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