Antlia SII EDGE Narrowband Filters

The Antlia SII EDGE narrowband filters optimize the FWHM (full width half maximum) to 4.5nm bandpass. The suppression of optical density (OD) 5 on unwanted wavelengths and the transmittance characteristics found in the Antlia 3nm Pro series has been incorporated into the 4.5nm EDGE narrowband filters. The result is that these filters deliver SNR (signal to noise ratio) and contrast in images.

Antlia SII EDGE Narrowband FiltersAntlia SII 4.5nm EGDE filters are designed to deliver transmittance at the 671.6nm line that provides a signal to reveal SII nebulae structures, planetary nebulas and supernova remnants.

While some broader narrowband filters can cause a heavy loss in transmission due to the strong Center Wavelength (CWL)-shift, Antlia advertises a T>90% within 1nm range of the center bandwidth, which means that they state that their SII 4.5nm EDGE narrowband filters can offer high transmittance for working with both long focal ratios and fast optical systems.

Blue-shift data provided by Antlia indicate that Antlia 4.5nm EDGE filters can be used with nearly all systems as fast as f/3 with minimal loss in emission signal thus meeting the requirements of fast optics.

You can learn more about the Antlia SII EDGE narrowband filters here.

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