TS-Optics TSR62Q

The TS-Optics TSR62Q offers a 62mm f/8.4 4-element flat field refractor that offers a transportable and versatile instrument for observing or astroimaging.

TS-Optics TSR62QThis refractor is a great entry-level telescope that performs in a way that experienced amateur astronomers will appreciate for such a compact and sharp telescope.

The TS-Optics TSR62Q offers enough spacing for 45° Amici prisms, which provide an upright and non-mirrored image for daytime observing or 1.25″ star diagonals, which are ideal for evening astronomical activities.

The 4-element design offers good correction of color error. The image is more pure in color than with a comparable 2-element refractor with an achromatic lens. The field of view is also improved. The image towards the edge becomes sharper to facilitate astroimaging.

The universal mounting rail on the base offers a wide range of options. You can simply attach the refractor to a photo tripod and use it like a spotting scope or telephoto lens. With the right dovetail bars, it can also be adapted to astronomical mounts. Included is a    1.25″ Crayford focuser. You can learn more about the TS-Optics TSR62Q here.

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