Eyepiece Eyecups

Astromods is now offering eyepiece eyecups to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Eyecups are available for mono-viewing and bino-viewing.

Eyepiece EyecupsAs the team at Astromods notes, “Too many eyepieces have poor-fitting, poorly placed eyecups, despite otherwise excellent optical qualities. The connection between an observer and their instrument is a critical part of an observing system! Our eyecups stretch over your eyepiece’s body, and are shaped to comfortably fit your face based on average headforms created through a study you can read about here.

Once adjusted to your preferred height, the contoured edge of these eyepiece eyecups allow you to find perfect eye-placement immediately, easily hold it for the duration of observing, and blocks all stray light. Ridges on the top of the eyecups allow you to easily orient them in the dark. Left-eye-optimized eyecups have one ridge and right-eye-optimized eyecups have two. Optional caps can be purchased to fit your eyecup size allow you to simply leave the eyecup in place as part of your eyepiece.

Small focal-length 1.25″ eyepieces with very short eyepiece bodies are too small for this accessory. However, you can contact Astromods to order one to fit the outer diameter of your focuser or diagonal with a slot for the set screw. Use your 1.25 eyepieces as normal, and slide the eyecup up or down the focuser/diagonal barrel to adjust eye-placement height.

Astromods also recently introduced custom single row eyepiece boxes.

The boxes provide the ability to safely lock/unlock all of your eyepieces in place with the twist of a knob. When locked, eyepieces cannot be shaken from their holes. The Lid folds forwards to form a tray for any caps and easily secures shut with strong magnets The boxes offer less time unpacking, more time observing. Just flip the lid, twist the knob, and start observing. The boxes are made of woold and finished with a zero VOC hardwax oil.

You can learn more here.

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