Omegon Pro Kolossus Binocular Mount

The new Omegon Pro Kolossus Binocular Mount was specially created for large binoculars. Normal tripods are not designed for large binoculars and are often too unstable, too low and the view remains uncomfortable as you often need to position yourself awkwardly until you can see an object.

Omegon Pro Kolossus Binocular MountThe Omegon Pro Kolossus Binocular Mount offers a triple swivel arm, 360-degree rotation and a mechanism that allows you to balance even heavy instruments perfectly so you can see from horizon to zenith – move your binoculars upwards, downwards, to the right and left always in a relaxed position. You can decide whether you prefer to observe standing, sitting or even lying down.

Thanks to the parallelogram mount’s huge swivel mechanism, you have complete freedom when observing. When packed, the mount fits into a practical carry bag making it easy for transportation to an observing site. All you need are your favorite big binoculars and a sturdy three-legged tripod.

These large binoculars sit on an L-rail with two handles that you can easily operate even when wearing gloves. Small pans and corrections of the field of view are possible via two freely movable axes.

Included are a 100 centimeter counterweight rod and two counterweights of 3.5 kilograms each which allow you to balance your large binoculars perfectly and operate them as if they were weightless.

You can learn more about the Omegon Pro Kolossus Binocular Mount is here.

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