Amateur Astronomy Spectroscopy

Amateur astronomy spectroscopy will be the subject this week on the Sky-Watcher What’s Up? Webcast.

Amateur astronomy spectroscopy
Image 1

During the webcast the Sky-Watcher USA team will discuss amateur astronomy spectroscopy with Tom Fields of RSPEC Real Time Spectroscopy. Fields is the mind behind RSpec, an amazing software that allows astronomers to easily analyze spectra from their equipment. Tom takes us through the process of spectroscopy and using RSpec.

He will show how to capture stellar spectra using telescopes as small as 6-inch or with DSLR cameras. Fields will describe the spectroscopy process which can be used with amateur equipment and without major expenses, dark skies, or a Ph.D. In astrophysics. He will explain the simple science of spectrums and show examples of amateur efforts.

During the show, viewers will learn more about Amateur astronomy spectroscopy including how easy it is with just a small telescope to:

– determine any star’s OBAFGKM star-type and temperature from its spectra curve.

– identify the composition of a star or nebula from its emission and absorption lines

– detect the cosmological red-shift of a distant quasar.

– measure the blue-shift of a supernova’s expanding shell as it races towards us at millions of miles/hour.

RSPEC Real Time Spectroscopy’s RSpec software enables you to rapidly go from a static image (FITS, JPG, etc. or DSLR) or video file to a calibrated spectrum graph – in real-time. This means you can see a star or planet’s spectrum graph instantly, right at your telescope.

The process is accomplished using RSpec’s inexpensive Star Analyzer grating (shown in Image 1) which can be installed on almost any camera or telescope.

The Sky-Watcher What’s Up? Webcast is a live webcast held every Friday from 10am to 11am Pacific on the Sky-Watcher USA YouTube channel. Each week they discuss a new astronomical topic including gear, visual and imaging techniques, interviews and more.

What’s Up? webcasts are free by tuning into the Sky-Watcher USA YouTube channel. Can’t watch it live this episode featuring Sky-Watcher imaging and power? That’s OK, all webcasts can be watched whenever you like by visiting the YouTube channel.

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