AstroCAT Imaging Contest

An AstroCAT Imaging Contest has been launched providing a chance to win some unique digital prizes.

AstroCAT is the first astrophotographers token on the Chia blockchain. There are 13957 deep-sky objects in the universe as compiled by the latest RNGC/IC astronomical catalog and equal $ASTR tokens minted. Tokens are distributed to amateur astrophotographers to highlight their achievements, bring awareness to the hobby, participate in imaging contests and receive perks.

AstroCAT Imaging ContestAstroCAT was created by Eugene Beygin, an amateur astrophotographer and a chia farmer from Toronto. AstroCAT was created as a single issuance token and 13957 were minted to mimic the number of deep-sky objects as cataloged by RNGC/IC.

AstroCAT tokens can be awarded in only two ways: submitting a personal astrophotography work, or by participating in contests and trivia. The majority of remaining tokens will be stored in a cold wallet for the ongoing long term distribution to members. In the future, a portion of the reserve will be used to sponsor astronomy events, promote hobby awareness, and astronomy related endeavors. They are also working on a method to allow distributed $ASTR tokens be used as “exclusive tickets” or “coupons” which can be “presented” and then “returned” back to the holder.

As Beygin notes, I’ve been an active member in the astrophotography community for over 6 years. After my discovery of the crypto space, I got an early exposure to Chia and was hooked. Chia’s release of the CAT1 standard made me think of ways I could blend my two passions and the project was born! As AstroCAT grows new members, we are hoping to bring a bigger awareness to both astrophotography and the endless possibilities chia has to offer.”

He continued, “Astrophotographers admire their photos! It takes great time and effort to make one. Most also have a very special attachment to their personal work. Even though most can mint their own photographs, we decided to create a seamless collection as part of the complete Messier Catalog. We feel this will be a great collectors item, and bring more exposure to the astronomy community. With public outreach a big component of the project, we will be donating 10% of all minting fees to an charitable astronomy organization. The AstroCAT community will vote on which organization should be chosen.

He also commented, We are now accepting offers in return for M110 tickets which will later be redeemable for 1 Messier NFT mint. While Chia’s NFT standard is being completed, we are in contact with several NFT marketplaces, and will be working closely with them on having a smooth minting experience. In addition, we are following closely Chia’s developments on their DID/NFT wallet. Current plan is, once the NFTs are minted, they will be randomized and the current NFT will have a sell offer created for the M110 token. Ticket holders at the top of the queue can accept the NFT or move to the back of the queue for a new selection.”

To participate in the imaging contest, you need to submit your best astro photos using the web form link on the AstroCAT homepage . Submissions will be evaluated on aesthetic and technical criteria including effort. In a few weeks, they will announce the winners and help out anyone that needs assistance in accepting the prizes and/or free tokens. For those new to Chia and don’t know where to get an XCH address and/or wallet, you can leave your email when submitting an astro image and type ‘help’ in the XCH Address field – the team will reach out to help.

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