Custom Tri-Bahtinov Masks

Astro-Smart is offering custom Tri-Bahtinov Masks made to order. The company offers a variety of optical masks including Tri-Bahtinov which can be made to order for focusing and collimation of refractors and SCTs. Sizes are available from 4-inch to 16-inch apertures.

Custom Tri-Bahtinov MasksAs the Astro-Smart team notes about the custom Tri-Bahtinov Masks, “Buy a custom Tri-Bahtinov Mask or Mask of choice for your telescope at any FStop.  Commercial Masks do not print the mask as correct FStop. They just accommodate the SCT secondary hole size for normal or bigger hole like for a Hyperstar but always print at F10. This will yield to an incorrect focus and or collimation at much dimmer objectivity if used at F1.9 or F2 with Hyperstar or other focal reducers. Get the mask you want at a variety of FStops for each imaging scenario. I will provide the mask with instructions for use and simulation movie of its performance.

You can learn more about the custom Tri-Bahtinov Masks here.

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