Custom Eyepiece Boxes

Astromods is offering custom single row eyepiece boxes.

Custom Eyepiece BoxThe custom single row eyepiece boxes provide the ability to safely lock/unlock all of your eyepieces in place with the twist of a knob. When locked, eyepieces cannot be shaken from their holes. The Lid folds forwards to form a tray for any caps and easily secures shut with strong magnets The boxes offer less time unpacking, more time observing. Just flip the lid, twist the knob, and start observing. The boxes are made of woold and finished with a zero VOC hardwax oil.

As the team notes, “If your box is intended for a specific eyepiece set, measure your eyepieces’ body diameters and list them in the order they will sit in the box from left to right. I use this information to space the holes such that there is equal space between eyepiece bodies. If your box is not intended for a specific set, just write the maximum body size and I will space the holes evenly according to your largest intended eyepiece. If you require some other form of spacing, please contact me or write a message at checkout.”

They continued, “It is a good idea to mock layout your eyepieces before ordering. 9 small eyepieces or 5 large ones result in very long boxes! Consider a multi-row box (coming soon) instead. Eyepiece bodies are generally spaced 15mm apart on small sets (5 or fewer), down to 10mm on large sets (9). Contact me or write a message at checkout to request otherwise. The site photos are of the final prototype which did not have finish applied. I make these in batches; as a result, lead time is 2-4 weeks.”

You can learn more about the Astromods custom single row eyepiece boxes here.

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