Askar 107PHQ

The Askar 107PHQ is the latest product release from Sharpstar Optics. Designed for widefield astrophotography, the Askar 107PHQ is a F/7 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph.

Askar 107PHQThe Askar 107PHQ offers a four-element Petzval design which includes a color-corrected triplet objective and a corrector lens built into the optical tube, eliminating the need for a separate field flattener. The astrograph produces an image circle field of 66mm, which is large enough to cover a full-frame sensor.

The telescope includes a 3.4″ rack and pinon focuser that is optimized for astrophotography and can handle a load of up to 8 kg. The Askar 107PHQ can also be used for visual observing with 1.25″ and 2″ diagonals and eyepieces.

The Askar 107PHQ specifications include:

– Aperture size: 107mm

– Focal length: 749mm

– Focal ratio: f/7

– Objective lens: Quadruplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glass)

– Image circle: 44mm

– Maximum accessory connection (with the focuser fully retreated):

  1. Imaging mode:

– 79mm (from the base of M48×0.75 male thread)

– 99mm (from the base of M54×0.75 male thread)

– 119mm (from the base of M68×1male thread)

– 149mm (from the base of M86×1 male thread)

  1. Observing mode:

– 120mm (from the end of 2″ visual back)

– Total length: 603mm (when the dew shield is contracted; 754mm (when the dew     shield is extended)

– Net weight: 5.7kg

– Gross weight: 6.9kg

– Rear-end thread type:

– M86×1 to M68×1

– M68×1 to M54×0.75

– M54×0.75 to M52×0.75

– M52×0.75 to M48×0.75 (with M48×0.75 filter thread)

– Four-piece photographic adapter:M48×0.75

You can learn more about the Askar 107PHQ here.

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