Universal Astro Astronomy

Universal Astro Astronomy represents a broad line of accessories offered by OPT. These include such products as Digital Calipers, Laser Pointers. Ball Heads, AC Adaptors, Telescope Maintenance and Cleaning products, Soft Cases, Brackets and Clamps and more.

Several new products have been added to their product lineup.

Universal Astro Astronomy
Universal Astro Tripod Clamp

The Universal Astro Astronomy Universal Astro Tripod Clamp allows for more customizability and convenience with your astronomy setup. Use this Tripod Clamp to keep your imaging or viewing station neat and secure in the dark. No more fumbling around for lost pieces. Attach extra red lights, telescope or mount accessories, or anything else you may need during a night of imaging or viewing.

Durable and designed to fit snugly on most tripod legs, you have the option to interchange the 3 rubber pads depending on what you need the clamp to hold.

Universal Astro Astronomy
ASO Fine Optics Cleaning System

The Universal Astro Astronomy Fine Optics Cleaning System is devoted to the cleaning of large astronomical reflective optics such as lenses, corrector plates, and other optical glass. The system techniques is excellent for the cleaning of eyepieces, eyeglasses, binoculars, camera lenses and all other fine-coated refractive glass.

As an FYI, this cleaning system is only for refractive elements (lenses), such as lenses in refractor telescopes, front corrector plates on SCT and Maksutov telescopes, eyepieces, camera lenses, diagonals, and binoculars. This product should not be used on the primary or secondary mirrors of telescopes.

Universal Astro Pan Head

The Universal Astro Pan Head is an all-in-one answer for manual camera mounting. Sturdy, secure, and fluid head movement ensures easy and quick adjustments. It is best used with camera setups no more than 22lb in total including DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

It offers a quick-release plate, damping adjustment for a safer automatic rebound after pressing, Aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment for longevity and a 3/8 Screw hole at the base.

Universal Astro Astronomy
Universal Astro Padded Soft Case for 8″ SCT and 8″ EdgeHD

The Universal Astro Padded Soft Case for the 8″ SCT and 8″ EdgeHD is ideal for soft and secure storage or transport of Celestron or Meade OTAs. Keep your primary OTA safe along with any small tools or items in the additional side pocket.

The case offers heavy-duty padding for a snug and secure fit. It can be used with other brands and sizes, but first measure before doing so to ensure a safe fit. The external dimensions are 22”x11”x11” and the internal dimensions are 21”x10”x10”

You can learn more about these and other OPT’s Universal Astro Astronomy lineup of accessories here.

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