PrimaLuceLab Adapters

PrimaLuceLab has introduced new adapters to add to the functionality of its ARCO 3″ Camera Rotator and Field De-rotator and the ESATTO 3” Robotic Microfocuser.

PrimaLuceLab Adapters
M65x1 adapter for the ARCO 3″

The new M65x1 adapter for the ARCO 3″ allows you to connect the rotator to focusers or correctors that come with 65×1 female thread and to control it through a SESTO SENSO 2 installed on the focuser. The optical thickness of this adapter is 3.5mm.

The new Adapter from M81 to M65 With Stop Ring for ESATTO 3″ and ARCO 3″ allows you to connect any camera or accessory with a M65 female thread. Just thread this adapter to the M81 thread of the ESATTO 3″ or ARCO 3″. With the M65 stop ring you can also fix the camera at a precise angle in order to better frame your camera sensor at the desired object. The optical thickness is 4mm.

If you are searching for a precise and low profile robotic focuser to use with the GSO/Orion/TPO Ritchey-Chretien 10, 12, 14 and 16 inches (both aluminum and carbon tubes) for astrophotography, the ESATTO 3.5″ LP Adapter allows you to connect the ESATTO 3,5″ LP to the M117 thread of these telescopes. Based on the camera and imaging train you want to connect, you may need extenders to reach the focus with your camera. The optical thickness of this adapter is 3mm.

You can learn the PrimaLuceLab Adapters more here.

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