Sky-Intella-Blu is a wireless Bluetooth adapter for the Orion Intelliscope to interface with SkySafari on an Android tablet or smart phone to provide rapid targeting on the fly. As the creator notes, “Exploring the universe with a computerized “push to” telescope is just a whole lot cooler with this!”

Sky-Intella-BluThe Bluetooth adapter has been configured and specifically set up to connect the Orion Intelliscope to SkySafari. The advantages of using the Sky-Intella-Blu include:

– No more blind “Hot Potato” pointing game using the larger/smaller – left-right/up-down direction arrows for ALT and AZ movement on the Orion hand control. See and push to objects at will.

– SkySafari tracks the scope position in the night sky. See your scope icon move toward an object on the screen. As you push the telescope’s tube you can guide it so the scope’s icon lands on an object’s position on the SkySafari simulated sky. Line up the icon with an object, and you will have the target in your eyepiece. This makes observing more fun and far less clunky. SkySafari tracks your scope’s position in real time.

– The SkySafari database provides the ability to search for objects, object information, push to direction, observing lists and vast database which, with the Sky-Intella-Blu, are now interfaced to your telescope for a more robust observing experience.

– No more object numbers to input.

– Fast location as the computerized “push to” can be as fast as “go-to.”

– More accurate alignments as SkySafari has GPS/time/location info in its star map.

– No more green hand control as your Android phone or tablet is now your screen. Red “night mode” is also available in SkySafari.

– Works with existing encoders so there is no need to change or replace any Intelliscope hardware.

– Unlimited alignment objects as alignment objects can be anything you see on the SkySafari    screen and you are not limited to a list of stars to scroll through.

– Fine tune alignment as you go as SkySafari allows for ten alignment objects.

– Easy battery replacement with no difficult compartments to open. Power and charger are included.

To use the Sky-Intella-Blu you need to purchase an Orion 5222 cable (sold by Orion) and purchase and install SkySafari (Plus or Pro version) on your Android device. You can learn more about the Sky-Intella-Blu here.

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