XAGYL Ultra-Thin Motorized Filter Wheel

The XAGYL Ultra-Thin Motorized Filter Wheel has been newly updated to achieve carousel rotation speeds more than 5 times faster than the XAGYL FW5125V4 filter wheel.

XAGYL Ultra-Thin Motorized Filter WheelThe USB motorized filter wheel is aimed towards astronomical use and designed for visual and photographic observation of celestial objects. It enables automated access to five industry standard 1.25” filters for astrophotography use. Its characteristics and thin dimensions make it an ideal accessory for ZWO, QHY, ATIK, Starlight Xpress, SBIG, Basler cameras and many more.

The motorized filter wheel is only 248g and 19mm thick. It offers a USB controlled (ASCOM driver) and power with no additional power supply required. Measuring only 4.5″ x 4.75″ x 0.7″, this is one of the smallest, thinnest motorized filter wheels on the market. The XAGYL Ultra-Thin Motorized Filter Wheel only adds 19mm of back focus to the optical path when used with available XAGYL adapters. Cameras can be attached directly to the filter wheel if they have a male M42 thread like the ZWO ASI cooled cameras.

Filter position is selectable with the ASCOM driver. A standalone utility is provided for diagnostic and manual filter selection, and the wheel can be used with any ASCOM filter wheel compatible commercial imaging software. The integrated firmware is field upgradeable as required using the included utilities.

The ASCOM driver lets the user define each filter’s name and back focus requirements in the event that the filters installed are not par-focal when coupled with a motorized focuser system (if available) for automatic refocusing.

Its numerous features, accessories, simplicity of use, finish and reliable operation make this a first class device at a very attractive price. The filter wheel is available as a stand-alone product or bundled with a set of quality LRGB filters for color photography using a monochrome camera.

You can learn more about the XAGYL Ultra Thin Motorized Filter Wheel here.

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