Pegasus Astro EZY Focus Hand Controller

The Pegasus Astro EZY Focus Hand Controller is designed to work with the Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox v2 and Pegasus Prodigy Microfocuser. This handy device allows precision control of the motorized focuser ensuring a vibration free focus routine.

Pegasus Astro EZY Focus Hand ControllerThe rotary knob simulates the knob of the focuser by simply rotating the digital knob for easy focus. Precision can be achieved when you press the knob and the speed is reduced to 1:10 just like the fine focus knob of your focuser. Click it again to switch to coarse focus.

Two additional buttons “<< and >>” provide the ability to move the focuser in or out by the exact and preconfigured step count you have set in the EZY Focus menu. Every time you press the button an audible beep confirms the motor movement.

Plug the hand controller in the EXT port of the Ultimate Powerbox v2 or Prodigy Microfocuser and enjoy precision in manual focusing without vibrations. There is no need to remove the hand controller when you use your PC to control the motor and both can work in parallel and sync motor position in screen.

A 1.3 inch 128 x 64 pixel Organic LED (red film) screen is used for the device that will ensure that night vision will be unaffected. The EZY Focus has an embedded high accuracy temperature and relative humidity sensor. The Ultimate Powerbox v2 automatically uses this sensor discarding the stock UPBv2 sensor.

EZY Focus and sensor is discovered in the Ultimate Powerbox v2 software and displays readings just like your stock sensor. A large red colored LED is placed in the front of the device, allowing you to use the EZY Focus Hand Controller as an astronomical map red light. The LED’s brightness can be configured from the device menu.

You can learn more at Pegasus Astro EZY Focus Hand Controller here.

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