AAS Willmann-Bell Titles Now Available

Earlier this year The American Astronomical Society (AAS) announced the acquisition of the remarkable inventory of books, star atlases, and software produced and sold by Willmann-Bell, Inc., founded in 1973 by Perry and Patricia Remaklus of Richmond, Virginia.

AAS Willmann-Bell Titles Now AvailableAs many are familiar, for decades Willmann-Bell was among the most respected publishers of books for astronomers, including amateurs interested in building their own telescopes, exploring the history of astronomical observing, improving their skills, and contributing to scientific research.

The AAS recently announced that they now have made available twelve of the most popular Willmann-Bell titles.

As the AAS noted in a recent announcement. “The AAS is honored to be continuing the legacy of Willmann-Bell, Inc. by selling and publishing their robust catalog of astronomy books as an imprint of AAS Sky Publishing, LLC. After taking possession of the substantial inventory, we are in the process of moving the more than 70 tons of books to our fulfillment vendor.”

“This is a challenging process, not only because of the sheer volume of books to be moved, but because of the strict labeling and packaging requirements of our fulfillment vendor. We embrace these challenges however, because they will ultimately improve shipping and delivery of our entire catalog of astronomy-related merchandise. Before the end of the year, all Willmann-Bell titles will again be available for purchase through our webstore, https://shopatsky.com.”

They continued, “In the meantime, we are making twelve of the most popular titles available for sale available here, including the long anticipated Volume 8 of the popular series ‘Annals of the Deep Sky’. Volume 8 is the first volume in the series featuring color illustrations, which greatly enhances the book and its value as a deep sky reference. We also need to complete some reprinting of titles with low or non-existent inventory, so not all volumes of the Annals series are currently available online, but will be by the end of January. We look forward to expanding our service to the astronomical community through the provision of these important works while we work to expand and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe as a diverse and inclusive astronomical community.”

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