Shelyak UVEX Spectrograph

The Shelyak UVEX Spectrograph is a cross Czerny-Turner spectrograph design optimized for wavelengths from near UV (<400nm) to near IR (1µm) to get the best from new cameras and achromatic telescopes.

Shelyak UVEX SpectrographAs the company notes, “The UVEX Spectrograph is particularly suitable for use on Ritchey-Chretien type telescopes with a diameter up to 12 or 14 inches (at F/8) such as the Stella Lyra 8″ and 10″ instruments.”

They also noted, “The UVEX optical design was made by Christian Buil (who has been involved in Spectrography since 1973) and is based on a cross Czerny-Turner spectroscope to obtain a compact and rigid device. A cylindrical lens is added near the detector to correct the astigmatism of the initial Czerny-Turner combination.”

An index is used to adjust the wavelength center of the spectrum on the camera sensor. A vernier (available for each type of grating) makes it possible to precisely position the grating at the desired wavelength.

The Shelyak UVEX Spectrograph can be used with various cameras. The only restriction is having a back focus of 13mm maximum. Camera adapters are available for ATIK, ZWO and QHY cameras. Shelyak recommends using the ZWO ASI183MM Pro camera with the UVEX spectrograph.

The UVEX can be used with a variety of gratings. The grating change is done in few seconds and a keying device ensures the right orientation of the grating. Each grating module is shipped with a case to safely store the grating. The UVEX is delivered with a 600 gr/mm grating specified at 500nm as well as an adapter ring for ZWO cameras (others rings for QHY and ATIK cameras are also available)

The spectrograph slit has five positions that can be easily changed using a Phillips screwdriver (supplied with the UVEX). The slit positions are for 25 µm, 50 µm, 100µm, 300 µm and a hole of 25µm. Other slits are available as an option and Shelyak Alpy slits are compatible with UVEX.

Shelyak UVEX Spectrograph specifications include:

– Multi-purpose spectroscope with wide wavelength range (from near UV to near IR: from 350nm to 1 µm).

– Compact and rigid: Size is 145 x 140 H=120 mm; Weight is 1.2Kg

– Large choice of spectral resolutions (R=400 to R=7000)

– Internal focusing adjustment using an external multi-turn button.

– Quickly interchangeable grating without additional adjustments (keep focus).

– Compliant with Alpy guiding and calibration modules.

– Optimized for Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes diameter up to 350mm at F/8.

– Adapter plate for several brands of spectral cameras.

– Vernier for adjusting the wavelength range for each grating. (simply slips under the adjustment needle).

– Grating and focus motorization possible for remote control use.

You can learn more about the Shelyak UVEX Spectrograph here.

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