Blandin Platforms Dual Axis Tabletop Equatorial Platform

The Blandin Platforms Dual Axis Tabletop Equatorial Platform is the latest offering from the company who specializes in its Crossbow equatorial platforms which track for over 60 minutes before needing to be reset.

Blandin Platforms Dual Axis Tabletop Equatorial PlatformThe new tabletop equatorial platform is designed for visual use or guided imaging with an ST4 port. It’s designed for use with telescopes up to 6 inches, weighing up to 40 pounds. The light and compact equatorial platform has a 16” X 16” footprint, making it a perfect complement for small “grab-n-go” telescopes. The platform can be used with PTFE pads or with foot clamps (shown in the image) to allow the entire telescope to be mounted on the platform.

As the company notes, “We are currently in our final stage of testing and expect to take orders later this year. Please let us know if you would like to be on our Interest List so we can keep you posted on the developments as we move toward production.” You can reach out through their website here.

All of Blandin’s equatorial Crossbow Platforms are very lightweight and portable, made from durable anodized aluminum using high quality materials. The platforms can be easily folded up to fit into a small camping chair bag or suitcase for travelling.

In addition to the tabletop model, Crossbow Platforms are offered in two sizes and two weight limits. The Crossbow EQT-150SC weighs 14 pounds, has a 26″x25″ footprint and can handle most telescopes up to 150 pounds. The Crossbow EQT-225SC weighs 19 pounds, has a 28″x28″ footprint and can accommodate telescopes weighing up to 225 pounds.

These platforms are designed to be used in either the southern or northern hemisphere. The direction of the motor can be changed by reversing the connectors located inside the drive arm of the platform.

Wheel kits are available to allow a telescope to remain on the platform and stored when not in use. The entire telescope and platform can be rolled out and lowered off the wheels for use and easily rolled back for storage. Each Crossbow equatorial platform is customized to the buyer’s specifications.

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