Universal Astro Astronomy Accessories

Universal Astro represents a broad line of accessories offered by OPT. These include such products as Digital Calipers, Laser Pointers. Ball Heads, AC Adaptors, Telescope Maintenance and Cleaning products, Soft Cases, Brackets and Clamps and more.

Universal Astro Astronomy AccessoriesFor example, included in the product lineup is the Universal Astro Star Party Essentials Adventure Kit which packages together items needed for a night under the stars. The complete kit includes:

– Universal Astro Mini Powerbank for keeping your smartphone, laptop, telescope, or other electronics charged up when you’re away from power. The Universal Astro Mini Powerbank is a multi-function portable power supply that’s perfect for any outdoor trip or emergency power situation. Provides USB, DC, and AC outputs to keep your laptops, lights, and other items going for longer.

It  includes two flashlights built into the box itself – one red light on the side and one standard in front. These can be used easily as the entire power supply weighs under 4lb, making it a comfortable and lightweight convenience.

The Powerbank contains a 42000mAh lithium-ion battery, 155Wh Power Supply, and 100w inverter. The AC output provides 100w. The DC 12V output provides 100w. The USB output provides 18w QC3.0 for fast charging.

– Universal Astro LED Motion-Sensing Headlamp for letting you see in the dark while keeping your hands free from holding a flashlight, and includes a red light function for retaining your night vision. Packed full of nifty features, this headlamp will serve you well in an active lifestyle. The waterproof hard plastic casing allows usage during less-than-ideal weather and you can adjust the light angle up to 60 degrees. It uses a USB-mini port for charging.

– Radian Green Laser For Stargazing for pointing out astronomical objects in the to others, perfect for sharing the night sky with friends. With 100mW (milliwatts) of power, the Radian Green Laser can easily produce a visible beam towards any astronomical object you’re observing, making for a seamless viewing experience. The Radian Green Laser comes standard with an AC battery charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the battery when not in use.

Made of top-grade aluminum, the Radian Green Laser is highly durable and resistant to drops. To further prevent drops, a handy wrist strap is included. At just 6 inches (150mm) long, it’s compact, lightweight, and easy to hold and carry. A convenient Radian-branded zip-up carry bag is included for protecting the laser during travel and storage.

– OPT Beanie Black is a nice added feature for keeping your head warm on chilly nights. The yarn fabric is smooth on your skin and one size fits most will ensure a snug fit.

You can learn more about the OPT’s Universal Astro lineup of accessories here.

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