APQ JENA Announces Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromatic Refractors

APQ JENA has announced a new series of Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromatic Refractors offering an objective that can utilize the full UBVRI spectral range (365nm – 1014nm) of modern electronic sensors (CCD, CMOS). The new Polychromatic Refractors will be offered in an aperture range from 100mm to 250mm and include special flatteners and reducers.

The Polychromat 150/1200 is the first model of the new series that is available for order. The telescope is a premium refractor that offers high performance for visual and photographic applications.

APQ JENA Announces Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromatic RefractorsAccording to the APQ JENA team, “We source the high-quality fluorite blanks with special parameters in selected quality from a certified manufacturer, which also supplies the global players of precision optical equipment with CaF₂ raw material for the production of stepper lenses for VUV photolithography. The surfaces of the objective lenses are made of three different special optical glasses of SCHOTT or OHARA and CaF₂ are precision machined, a lens surface is an asphere. Because every fabrication can only be done with finite precision, even the latest technologies and state-of-the-art CNC precision machining processes are subject to errors. All manufacturing parameters must therefore be tolerated conscientiously. The required high image quality is achieved by a final system correction, which is performed by a precision optics master with decades of experience in his field.”

The telescopes offers a novel compensation cell, the lenses of the completely oil spaced objective (without air gaps) are held in stable position during fluctuations in temperature. The thermal equilibrium sets in quickly and rattling of lenses in the cell with all negative consequences is prevented.

The optical tube assembly (OTA) is thermally invariant, to compensate for temperature fluctuations and to bring about a rapid temperature compensation. The CNC precision machining of the lens cell, dew cap and telescope tube ensures the required high centering accuracy.

Inside the OTA, a defined surface structure and a diaphragm system in combination with an antireflective coating of all internal surfaces effectively prevents the occurrence of scattered light and tube reflections.

The over 150mm sliding dew cap, which can be clamped in any position, takes into account the maximum image field diameter of the field corrector and focal reducer corrector of 3.5° each.

At the end of the refractor, the Feather Touch focuser FTF3545 from Starlight Instruments is mounted with a 2″ adapter. The Feather Touch focuser is rotatable by 360°, so that it can always be turned into the desired position. The dual-speed mechanism with coarse and fine drive has a reduction ratio of 10:1.

The color of the OTA is black metallic for the dew cap and silver metallic for the telescope tube. You can learn more about the APQ JENA Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromatic Refractors here.

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