Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser

The Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser is a robust 3-inch robotic focuser which allows you to precisely and remotely control the focus of your telescope setup.

Pegasus Astro Prodigy MicrofocuserIts sturdy mechanical design ensures that Prodigy Microfocuser can lift up to 10Kg (22lb) of equipment, dead accurate and flexure free. The focuser has a 25mm of draw tube travel and a clear aperture of 76mm/3”.

The Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser is not a Crayford or a Rack & Pinion type focuser. It offers a unique and innovative mechanical focus design which provides very high load support and accuracy with zero maintenance. The embedded stepper motor design ensures a smooth, low noise and backlash free operation and V-Curve points during automatic focus procedure are dead accurate.

The full 3-inch focuser drawtube accepts different types of telescope adapters such as Celestron SCT Edge, GSO RC types and refractor types. The focuser allows for adjustable rotation and precise orientation on both sides. This helps you to easily fit the microfocuser to your telescope and also place your camera with the desired orientation.

At the side of the focuser you will find 2 USB2 switchable ports allowing the connectivity of equipment close to your focuser such as a filter wheel, a guiding camera, a motorized OAG, etc. The two 12V power output ports can output up to 4Amps per port. This is a nice feature to tidy up your USB and power cables. Each of these ports, USB or power, can be switched ON/OFF via the supplied software.

An external digital temperature sensor input is also located on the side of the focuser and a digital temperature sensor is included in the package. The probe can be placed near the focuser so the exact temperature of the focuser/environment can be seen through the supplied software or ASCOM driver.

Pegasus Astro Prodigy MicrofocuserThe Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser has an expansion RJ45 port on the side of the enclosure.  This port allows the connectivity of the company’s “upcoming” hand controller for the microfocuser.

The Prodigy can be operated using Pegasus Astro’s standalone Windows OS software and also supports the latest ASCOM and INDI framework. The firmware supports re-programming via the USB 2.0 connection using upgrade software (available for Windows), for future upgrades that offer new features as they become available.

Optional adapters for telescope connection to the Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser include:

– Celestron SCT Edge C11, C14 (SKU: PEG-PRDG-C11): Can be used to Celestron Edge C 9.25 in combination with Celestron’s focal reducer only. Focal reducer has to be mounted first on the telescope.

– GSO, Astrotech, Omegon, Altair, TS or similar RC 10”, 12” , 14”, 16”

– GSO, Astrotech, Omegon, Altair, TS or similar RC 8” (SKU: PEG-PRDG-GSO90 (coming soon)

– Takahashi ED-FSQ 85 (coming soon)

– Sky-Watcher ESPRIT 100 (coming soon)

You can also download a 3d step file and modify the telescope side of the adapter based on your needs (aperture/thread and backfocus).

If you need a different adapter, Precise Parts offers a Build-An-Adapter service, an innovative online adapter builder that allows virtually any unique custom astronomy adapter to be designed and ordered online in just a few clicks or taps.

You can learn more about the Pegasus Astro Prodigy Microfocuser here.

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