Pegasus Astro FocusCube Zero

The Pegasus Astro Focus Cube Zero has replaced the company’s FocusCube SCT offering a more advanced unit which allows backlash free movement and a much more responsive motor.

Pegasus Astro FocusCube ZeroWith the FocusCube Zero you can focus your Celestron SCT telescope faster, more reliably and accurately. The evolution of technology in astronomy requires a system which will assist the focusing of the telescope with great accuracy With telescopes and cameras having faster and faster optics, the FocusCube Zero is able to keep up and provide you the optimal focus position.

Designed in high quality package with modern electronics, the FocusCube Zero provides digital precise focus control from a PC. It includes a stepper motor for absolute position focusing with all electronics and stepper motor enclosed in a compact sized box. The stepper motor provides high speed focus accuracy and zero backlash.

The Pegasus Astro Focus Cube Zero is a standalone device and includes controller functionality. No physical hand controller is included or required. You only need this device to focus. Simply attach the FocusCube Zero to your SCT telescope, plug the power, USB cable, download ASCOM drivers or standalone software and you are ready to go.

There is an external digital temperature sensor input which is located near the motor connector. A one meter (3 foot) long digital probe is included with the FocusCube Zero. This probe can be placed near the focuser so the exact temperature of the focuser and surrounding environment can be seen through either the supplied software or ASCOM driver.

The FocusCube Zero has a built-in expansion RJ45 port at the back of the enclosure. This port is primarily for input for the temperature sensor, but an optional hand controller for manual focus control can also be plugged in here. This hand controller is available as an add-on from Pegasus Astro.

The specially designed black anodized aluminum bracket can be attached to most of the Celestron SCT telescopes. Pegasus Astro has successfully installed it on:

– Celestron Classic & EdgeHD 6, 8, 9.25

– Celestron Classic & Edge HD 11

– Celestron Classic & Edge HD 14

– Celestron RASA 8

– Celestron RASA 11 (V2 – For V1 you will need a Celestron Retrofit Kit)

– Celestron RASA 14”

You can learn more about the Pegasus Astro Focus Cube Zero here.

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