Exoplanet Research at the Whipple Observatory

Exoplanet research at the Whipple Observatory will be the subject this week on the Sky-Watcher What’s Up? Webcast.

Exoplanet Research at the Whipple ObservatoryIn this episode the SkyWatcher team will sit down with telescope operator Gil Esquerdo of Whipple Observatory. Gil operates the FLWO 1.5-meter (60″) telescope and provides follow up observations for TESS and previously the Kepler exoplanet mission. The will discuss what it’s like to run a professional telescope and how to conduct exoplanet research.

The Sky-Watcher What’s Up? Webcast is a live webcast held every Friday from 10am to 11am Pacific on the Sky-Watcher USA YouTube channel. Each week they discuss a new astronomical topic including gear, visual and imaging techniques, interviews and more.

What’s Up? webcasts are free by tuning into the Sky-Watcher USA YouTube channel. Can’t watch it live? That’s OK, all webcasts can be watched whenever you like by visiting the YouTube channel.

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