William Optics FLT 91

The William Optics FLT 91 is the apochromatic refractor designed to perform for both visual and photographic astronomers who desire a midsize telescope. The three-element optical design features a 91mm aperture using FPL-53 glass. The STM coatings and superb quality provide excellent optical performance and great value.

William Optics FLT 91The William Optics Rotolock 2 inch adapter provides for a solid and efficient connection for a WO 2 inch diagonal, and other accessories. The William Optics FLT 91 retractable dew shield features a removable lens cover, with William Optic’s patented Bahtinov Mask revealed by unscrewing the faceplate. The clear design allows for brighter star patterns and precise focusing for astrophotography.

The versatile saddle bar handle offers a solid handle with a built-in dovetail chamber for use with the William Optics Uniguide scopes or other V-style guiding/finder scopes. A new focuser knob offers a larger fit which is designed for better ergonomics. The super-smooth field rotator includes markings for every degree and a solid thumbscrew position lock. And the telescope comes standard with a soft carry case.

The William Optics FLT 91 specifications include:

– Aperture: 91mm (3.5″)

– Dawes Limit: 1.27 arcseconds

– Focal Length: 540mm

– Focal Ratio: f/5.9

– Highest Magnification: 182x

– Light Gathering Power: 169x

– Optical Design: Triplet Refractor

– Tube Length: 510mm

– Tube Weight: 12.2 lbs.

You can learn more about the William Optics FLT 91 here.

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