iOptron iGuider Autoguider

The iOptron iGuider Autoguider System includes a small, portable mini guiding scope and an iGuider camera makes tracking guide stars incredibly easy. The iGuider Autoguider System comes with the iGuide camera and iGuide 30 mm guidescope. Equipped with a resolution of 6.44 arcsec/pixel, the iOptron iGuider package works great for guiding telescopes with short to medium focal lengths. The AR coated achromatic lens aids in crisp imaging and high quality guiding.

iOptron iGuider AutoguiderThis iOptron autoguider can be coupled with the iOptron CEM26 and GEM28 mounts without the need of an adapter. Connected to the guidescope is a standard finderscope dovetail that easily fits telescopes that come with a finderscope slot.

The iOptron iGuider Autoguider scope has resolution of 6.44 arc sec/pixel, which is ideal when you pair it with short to medium focal length telescopes. It has a diameter of 30 mm and focal length of 120 mm, bringing its focal ratio to f/4.

With a megapixel size of 1.2 MP and 6.44 arc sec/pixel in resolution, the guide camera ensures guide stars are perfectly tracked to help prevent star trails from your images. The autoguiding system supports pulse guiding (ASCOM guiding), however it does not support ST-4 guiding.

The iOptron iGuider Autoguider specifications include:

iGuider Scope

– Aperture: 30 mm

– Focal Length: 120 mm

– Focal Ratio: f/4

– Weight: 200g (0.44 lb.)

iGuider Camera

– Pixel Size: 3.75μm

– Pixel Array: 1280 x 960

– Megapixels: 1.2 MP

– Chip Size: 1/3″

– Resolution: 6.44 arcsec/pixel

– Guiding Method: Support Pulse (ASCOM) Guiding

You can learn more about the iOptron iGuider Autoguider system here.

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