Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor

The Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor is the latest doublet that the company has announced this year. In addition to a 102mm SVX-series doublet, Stellarvue will be releasing the brand new SVX127D 127mm f/8 doublet in late 2021.

Stellarvue SVX127D RefractorAnnounced earlier this year, the Stellarvue SVX102D was the first doublet the company has offered in many years. The new Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor doublet follows that introduction in a new doublet lineup which meets all of the quality and production standards of the flagship Stellarvue SVX triplet series. As with any of the SVX-branded telescopes, the doublets are optically figured in house by Stellarvue. The Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor will offer the same 0.99-0.996 Strehl rating as the SVX triplets, and it will be made with the same processes to eliminate trefoil and spherical error.

With Stellarvue’s ED glass and a focal ratio of f/8, the color correction will be excellent, and imagers will be able to use the same flatteners and reducers as Stellarvue’s triplet scopes. These long-tube telescopes will make for the perfect super-planetary refractors, lunar explorers, or even deep space instruments for smaller targets like planetary nebulae or galleries.

The Stellarvue SVX127D Refractor is part of Stellarvue’s introduction of the highest performing 4″ and 5″ doublet apos the company has ever made. These limited runs of the new SVX series doublets are made with super low-dispersion and lanthanum elements. Every objective is precisely figured in their optical shop until it reaches .99 Strehl or better. This entire process takes about a year to complete with six months spent figuring each lens to perfection.

Each Stellarvue SVX127D refractor comes with tube rings, a heavy duty case, and a Zygo interferometric test report taken at full aperture in Stellarvue’s shop to document the accuracy of the completed objective.

What’s included with this high-performance, lightweight 5” (127 mm) f-8 (1016 mm focal length) air-spaced apo doublet?

– Your choice of either a Stellarvue 3″ focuser or an optional 3″ Feather Touch focuser.

– 2″ and 1.25″ compression ring adapters

– Large 4.75″ extension between the focuser and telescope for wide field bino-viewing without the need for optical adapters.

– Heavy duty CNC machined mounting rings

– FB finder scope dovetail mounting base

As the Stellarvue team notes: “These SVX series optics are rated at .99 – .996 Strehl with excellent optical correction of aberrations commonly seen in mass-produced optics. Bringing our optical figuring in house, we have reduced spherical error, astigmatism, coma and trefoil by a factor of five. To reach this level of consistent optical accuracy, we must go beyond machine polishing. Our experienced opticians use specially made tools to hand-figure objectives here in our optical shop in Auburn, CA. Stellarvue Premier (SVX) Series refractors are specifically made for the astronomer who recognizes the best when they see it. Each SVX127D refractor will come with a color Zygo interferometric test report taken at full aperture in our shop, documenting the accuracy of your completed objective.”

Stellarvue SVX102D specifications include:

– Focuser: 3″ Model FSV-3B Stellarvue rack and pinion dual speed focuser comes standard with this telescope. 2″ and 1.25″ compression ring adapters and finder scope mounting base are included.

– Objective Lens: 127 mm clear aperture, 1,016 mm focal length (F-8), apochromatic doublet using super low dispersion (SD) optical glass and Lanthanum.

– Light Gain: 330. (Human eye = 1)

– Tube Assembly: Machined, fully baffled, aluminum tube painted Instrument White outside, ultra-flat back inside.

– Dew Shield: 6-1/2″ diameter fully retracting dew shield with cap.

– Dimensions: The main tube has a 5-1/4″ diameter. The complete telescope is about 35 3/8” long with dew shield retracted and about 41 3/4″ when extended. This is with the 4.75″ bino-viewer extension attached. When this extension is removed and bino-viewers are used the telescope itself is 4 3/4″ shorter.

– Weight: The optical tube assembly weighs about 17 pounds without rings. Stellarvue rings weigh 1 1/4 lbs. each.

– Aluminum Hinged Rings: R130 CNC machine mounting ring set with five 1/4-20 threaded holes top and bottom. Holes are spaced 1.5” and 60 mm apart respectively, with one in the center.

Pricing is $2995 with a Stellarvue 3″ focuser and deposits for $500 can be placed online here.

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