Askar AF Adapter Kit ACL200

The Askar AF Adapter Kit ACL200 is an adapter and mounting set that allows the connection of ZWO EAF motors to the Askar ACL200 camera lens and to offer motorized focusing. The kit includes an Askar VDP dovetail plate, belt and black shield for the EAF.

Askar AF Adapter Kit ACL200It can be used with the latest ZWO 5V EAF which eliminates the need for a 12V power supply port and allows it to be directly connected it to a camera or laptop via a USB 2.0 port using the cable for both data transmission and power supply.

The Askar ACL200 camera lens was specifically designed for astronomical imaging. The 200mm f/4 apochromatic lens incorporates six elements in three groups including two ED elements to minimize chromatic aberration and keep star images sharp right to the edge of the field of view without the need for an additional field flattener.

With a focal ratio as fast as f/4, the Askar AF Adapter Kit ACL200 adapter and mounting set motorizes the manual focus Askar ACL200 lens for ideal deep-sky wide-field astrophotography with full-frame DSLR, mirrorless, and dedicated astronomy cameras using an optional 48mm T-ring adapter. The working distance is 55mm.

The Askar ACL200 can also be used with cropped-sensor cameras for which it will provide a longer effective focal length. The lens includes a manual aperture ring and precision coarse and fine manual focusing mechanisms with a distance scale that make it easy to snap stars into a tight focus. It also incorporates a filter adapter to enable the use of standard 2″ astronomical filters.

This lens is equipped with collar that allows 360 degree rotation for optimal framing of celestial objects. The Arca-Swiss style connection plate offers a 3/8″ and 1/4″ female threads for mounting to a tripod, and the plate also fits standard Vixen-style saddles. The lens weighs just 1.5kg so it’s ideal for use on lightweight star tracker mounts.

With an adjustable focal ratio from f/4 to f/22, it also makes a great camera lens for wildlife, landscapes, and portraiture. The minimum focusing distance is approximately 3 meters.

You can learn more about the Askar AF Adapter Kit ACL200 here.

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