ATT Volume 15 Issue 1

In this issue Dr. James Dire shows how the 208mm F/3.9 Newtonian is a keeper!; In his second article Dr. Dire examines how the TPO 6-inch Newtonian Telescope offers a tremendous value on a competent all-purpose Newtonian; In his third articled Dr. Dire discusses how the Sky-Watcher USA 190-mm Maksutov-Newtonian Reflector will be his primary observing instrument for many years to come for nights when he wants to have GoTo mount operation and high-power, tracked image viewing: Jim Thompson offers a comparison between Optolong’s new L-eXtreme filter and Optolong’s other filter models; Mike Weasner demonstrates how to use Sensei Filter Step-Down Rings with 2″ astronomical filters on a camera lens when doing sky astrophotography; Plus Industry News, New Products and more!

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