QHY 268M CMOS Camera

The QHY268 Monochrome Photographic Camera is a cooled, back-illuminated, CMOS camera based on the Sony IMX571 sensor with native 16-bit A/D and 3.76um pixels. The BFL of QHY268M is 12.5mm under a new front design.

QHY 268M CMOS CameraIncluded with the camera is an electronic shutter that has increased reliability and stability when compared to taking a large number of images with a mechanical shutter. The full well capacity of the 268M has a range of between >60ke- to >87ke-at low gain depending on the mode. This yields a dynamic range of approximately 14 Stops.

The QHY 268 mono camera features a high resolution and APS-C format. It uses a USB3.0 interface that lets you transfer data at 6 frames per second. It also is equipped with a 2-stage TEC cooling system, which helps lower the dark current to only 0.0005e/pixel/sec @ -20C.

Read noise for the QHY 268M monochrome camera is approximately 1.98e- at high gain and 7.5e- at lowest gain. This is great for short exposures, narrow band imaging, and other scenarios that are photon limited. QHY has added an innovative suppression technology that can reduce the level of random noise such as the type of thermal noise that is generated by back-illuminated CMOS sensors and has a value not related to the exposure time.

The high pixel count of this CMOS camera means that the memory requirements for temporary and permanent storage is greater. The QHY268 sensor produces about 120MB of data per frame. To sufficiently meet the memory needs, the QHY268 comes with large-capacity memory of up to 2GB.

The body of the QHY268M uses the ultra-short back focus design as a standard configuration.  This results in a camera back focus of only 12.5 mm for maximum flexibility with a wide range of accessory and optical systems.

The USB re-connection feature means that this camera’s computer connection can be connected and disconnected by turning the 12V power supply on and off. This means you do not have to worry about plugging and unplugging the USB cable, enhancing user control when working from a remote station. All you have to do is control the 12V power supply to control the remote USB connection.

QHY268 Monochrome Photographic Camera specifications include:

– Sensor: Sony APC-C CMOS IMX571

– Sensor Type: Back Illuminated (BSI)

– Pixel Size: 3.76um

– Color or Monochrome: Monochrome

– Sensor Surface Glass: Multi-Layer AR coating

– Effective Pixels: 26 MP

– Effective Image Area: 6280 x 4210

– Full Well Capacity: >60ke- to >87ke-at low gain (depending on mode)

– A/D: Native 16-bit

– Sensor Size: APS-C format

– Full Frame Rate: Full Resolution – 6.8FPS @8BIT & 6FPS @16BIT, 2048lines – 13.6FPS @8BIT & 11.5FPS @16BIT, 1080lines – 25.4FPS @8BIT & 19.5FPS @16BIT, 768lines – 35FPS @8BIT & 25FPS @16BIT, 480lines – 50FPS @8BIT & 34FPS@16BIT

– Read Noise: 1.98e- High Gain and 7.5e- Lowest Gain

– System Gain: <1e-

– Dark Current: 0.0005e/pixel/sec @ -20C & 0.001e/pixel/sec @ -10C

– Exposure Time Range: 30 us – 3600 seconds

– Memory: 64MByte Flash Memory

– Shutter Type: Electronic

– Computer Interface: USB3.0

– Built-In Image Buffer: 1GByte/2GByte DDR3 Memory

– Cooling: Dual Stage TEC cooler (-35C below ambient)

– Anti-Dew Heater: Yes

– Telescope Interface: M54/0.75

– Optic Window Type: AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating

– Back Focal Length: 12.5mm (±0.3)

You can learn more about the QHY 268M CMOS Camera here.

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