PixInsight FastTrack Training

PixInsight FastTrack Training is the latest offering from Adam Block, who hosts the Adam Block Studios website where he provides instruction on creating beautiful astro images through technical proficiency and thoughtful artistry. On the website he provides astro imaging instructional videos and other materials on subjects including PixInsight, Photoshop, and CCDStack.

PixInsight FastTrack TrainingHe has announced he is now offering PixInsight FastTrack Training which offers simple and concise instructions for getting up to speed in PixInsight. This is a stand-alone training course offered for $60US which provides 3 hours of training. If you are enthusiastic, in a single day you can both make a color image from the provided data – and also take what you learned and instantly apply to your own images. Imagers just starting in PixInsight who complete this course will have a solid framework for making and creating optimal images in PixInsight. Virtually no background knowledge is required.

The PixInsight FastTrack Training course is different than other tutorials – you will learn not only the steps but a powerful approach, a literal way to think about image processing with PixInsight that will serve you well beyond the concrete instructions. The sample data in this course is one shot color (OSC) from a CMOS detector. This is the popular configuration for many imagers today.

PixInsight FastTrack is also available as part of a subscription to PixInsight Fundamentals which offers a full collection of tutorials as well as PixTV. Block’s PixInsight Fundamentals is priced at $180US for a lifetime subscription and offers a way to elucidate the PixInsight Universe in a way that viewers will find enjoyable while learning powerful processing skills and techniques Рmany of which are only possible within the realm of PixInsight.

The PixInsight Fundamentals includes a collection of videos represent the core set of knowledge necessary to fully unlock the tools of PixInsight. Mastery of this material will propel you high along the learning curve and give a vantage point to survey the landscape of other possibilities in processing astronomical data.

The most comprehensive training on PixInsight offered from Block is PixInsight Horizons. Available as an annual subscription for $250US, the training offered in PixInsight Horizons utilizes the tools demonstrated in PixInsight Fundamentals in creative ways. Though not necessarily more “advanced,” many of these demonstrations are multi-step techniques that require in-depth explanations and many techniques have a narrower usage than those found in the Fundamentals collection. For example, Block presents his method for de-emphasizing stars that does not directly use an erosion filter.

You can learn more about this and other training available from Adam Block Studies here.

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