ATT Volume 14 Issue 11

In this issue Jim Thompson does an in-depth analysis of available multi-narrowband filters and compares them to each other in terms of performance and cost; Jeff Hammond and Matt Harmston team up to demonstrate how to overcome amp glow creep when pursuing LHDR effects; Mike Weasner doubles down on Tele Vue’s 2-inch 2X and 4-inch 4 times Powermates to show that whether for visual or astrophotography work, you can’t go wrong with these high performing accessories; “stupidly easy, incredibly accurate” are just some of the glowing terms used by Mark Zaslove when describing the 10Micron GM 1000HPS mount; Austin Grant test drives the Astronomik l-RGB TYP2C and narrowband filters which, in his words, have “No halos. None!”; plus industry news, new products and more!

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