Observatory 1.6

Observatory 1.6 has been released by Code Obsession providing an update to the astrophotography image management and preprocessing application for macOS.

Observatory is now a macOS Universal app, which can run natively on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

Observatory 1.6 Observatory 1.6 integrates with macOS to add Quick Look and Spotlight support for FITS, XISF and SBIG images, making it easier for you to find them, and enabling Finder and other applications to display thumbnails, previews and metadata. Observatory is a full-featured native macOS application for plate solving, automatic tagging and displaying overlays, helping you identify what’s in your images.

With Observatory you can nondestructively calibrate, register and stack your images, remove hot pixels, gradients and counter the effects of atmospheric dispersion. Create image libraries, rate, add notes and blink images, perform aperture photometry, astrometry, or download research images from the Hubble, Spitzer and WISE Space Telescopes, ESO Science Archive, Palomar Transient Factory, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey, and more.

With Observatory, your Mac also gains the ability to display thumbnails and previews of astronomical images in Finder and other applications. And it helps Spotlight index the right metadata, so you can quickly find your images.

Observatory is available on the Mac App Store. Learn more and download the limited demo here.

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