ATT Volume 14 Issue 8

In this issue Dr. James Dire shows how the new Askar FRA 400 makes a great portable travel scope for visual use and is an outstanding instrument for wide-field astronomical imaging; Rob Pettengill walks through how PS Align Pro has the pieces for an electronic Push-To device; Mike Weasner discusses how the Explore Scientific 17mm and 12mm 92° eyepieces will make nice additions to your eyepiece collection for lunar and planetary observing and how viewing Deep Sky Objects with both of these wide field eyepieces will provide years of observing pleasure; John O’Neill explains why he liked the Explore Scientific 127FCD100 scope so much he bought the prototype; Mark Zaslove talks about how there are those mounts that are light and delicate and sophisticated, with all the latest bells and whistles (whether they’re needed, or not), and then there is Hungary’s Fornax 52 mount – The Beast; Shef Robotham shows how to make a no-mar, no-deflection guide-scope adjustment; plus industry news, new products and more.

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