ATT Volume 14 Issue 7

In this issue John Crisp is two years in and still in love with his iOptron CEM120 mount; Mark Zaslove demonstrates how Lunático Astronomía’s Pocket Cloud Watcher offers a big alarm in a small package; Dr. James Dire shows that the Celestron Luminos eyepieces are a must for anyone looking for a set of parafocal wide FOV eyepieces that don’t break the bank; Mike Weasner has success with the Bresser Smartphone Adapter which supports larger diameter 1.25” and 2” eyepieces; Greg Marshall discusses the question – can adaptive optics be useful to astrophotographers?; Robert E. Majewski walks us through building an atmospheric dispersion corrector for improving imagery of low-lying planets; Larry Faltz makes a laser finder made from a weapon accessory; plus industry news, new products and more!

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