Orion StarShoot G16 Deep Space Imaging Camera

The Orion StarShoot G16 Deep Space Imaging Camera offers excellent sensitivity in a large format, cooled CMOS camera. It is based around the Panasonic MN34230 4/3″ 12-bit monochrome chip, with 3.8 micron pixels, 60% QE, and a large 4640×3506 pixel array. Exposures range from 0.15ms – 3600 seconds, and up to 22 fps at full frame (up to 90+ fps when sub framed) which provides the ability to shoot planets as well as nebulae.

StarShoot G16 Users can utilize color filters in front, either directly threaded onto the 2″ nosepiece, or through a filter wheel such as the StarShoot 2″ Motorized Filter Wheel providing the opportunity to do advanced tri-color RGB imaging which produces a full color image.

The StarShoot G16 features a two-stage regulated thermo-electric cooler with fan, capable of reaching ~40° C below ambient, which significantly reduces noise. The USB 3.0 interface provides fast frame rates and downloads. Power for the camera electronics comes from the USB port and the TE cooler is powered by an included AC adapter.

A 2″ nosepiece is included, and there is a 42mm t-thread cut into the front housing, so you can attach the G16 camera to most all telescope configurations, including filter wheels, coma correctors, flatteners, and off-axis guiders. With a built in two-port USB 2.0 hub, your filter wheel and guidescope camera can be wired directly to the G16.

Compatible with Win 7/8/10, the camera includes a hard case, along with free control and image acquisition software. The G16 is ASCOM compatible, meaning you can use most dedicated astro-imaging software on the market.

Specifications include:

– Imaging sensor: Panasonic MN34230 CMOS

– Imaging sensor size: 22.1mm diagonal

– Pixel array: 4640 x 3506 (16,267,840 total)

– Pixel size: 3.8 x 3.8

– Imaging chip: Monochrome

– Video frame rate: up to 23 fps at full resolution. Higher if cropped

– Autoguider capability: No

– Exposure range: 0.15ms – 3600s

– A/D conversion: 12 bit

– Thermoelectric cooling: Yes

– IR filter: No

– Mounting: 2″ nozzle or t-thread

– USB connection: High-speed USB 3.0

– Software compatibility: Windows 7/8/10

– Full well capacity: 20000e-

– Read noise (RMS): 1.2e- at HCG

Gain: Adjustable

Binning: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3

Max cooling: -40C from ambient

Backfocus distance (from T-threads): 17.50mm

Weight (oz.): 19

You can learn more about the StarShoot G16 Deep Space Imaging Camera here.

Orion has also released a new StarShoot Mini cameras in color and monochrome utilizing technology from their popular large format series cameras like the G16 and miniaturized them for affordability and convenience.

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