Astronomik OWB Clip Filter

The Astronomik OWB Clip Filter is now available for new Canon EOS R/Rp/Ra camera bodies. The Astronomik OWB (Original White Balance) clip filter shifts the complete color rendition of a converted DSLR in such a manner that the camera will be perfectly usable for normal daylight photography with all of Canon’s excellent color rendition.

OWB Clip FilterAstronomik’s Clip-Filter offerings are hugely popular with DSLR camera owners for astro imaging. Ingenious in their design, these custom-made filters fit inside the housing of the camera, just behind the lens or T-ring. No tools are necessary to use them, as they just pop in and out.

OWB Clip Filter was created for DSLR cameras which have been converted for astronomical use by removing the inbuilt IR-filter or by substituting it with a filter with greater range for H-alpha, have a white balance that made them unable for ‘terrestrial’ purpose. The spectral sensitivity of the DSLR will be changed by using an OWB-Filter to the former range. In other words: The OWB pretends to be the conventional built-in filter.

And now owners of Canon EOS R/Rp/Ra camera bodies who have had these cameras converted for astro imaging, can now purchase the OWB Clip Filter and use their cameras for terrestrial use.

And for those that are interested widefield imaging, Astronomik’s XT Clip Filters are specifically designed to deliver widefield images with crisp and sharp stars right to the edge of the field.

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