New AstroInfo Astronomy Web Application

AstroInfo is a new astronomy web application which offers useful information and calculations that can help amateur astronomers in planning their astronomy/astrophotograpy sessions. It also has some additional features and interesting data provided by external web services such as NASA which is updated on a daily basis.

AstroInfoThe AstroInfo web app currently supports three languages -English, Croatian and German.

Some of application’s features are:

– extensive information on numerous deep-sky objects

– calculator which converts RA/DEC coordinates to ALT/AZ coordinates

– modern user interface, easy user’s geographical location definition and update by mouse click,

– new astronomy picture of the day

– user definable data such as astronomy stores or locations suitable for astronomy/astrophotography

– current ISS (International space station) real-time data and their visual presentation on a map

You can download AstroInfo here.

Another similar program that just released a new version is AstroGadgets, which is a free Windows desktop program for amateur astronomers that gathers information from various astronomy websites, provides a concise display of essential information and provides pop-up, audible, email or SMS (text message) alerts for events such as International Space Station passes and Planetary KP Index levels (conditions favoring aurora).

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