New Baader Planetarium Telescope Accessories

Baader Planetarium has released a number of new telescope accessories for imaging and visual observation. These include:

Baader PlanetariumBaader 2″ ClickLock Eyepiece Clamp M54 x 0.75

The Baader 2″ ClickLock M54 x 0.75 Eyepiece Clamp works with all focusers from Baader Planetarium, Sky-Watcher, TS-Optics, Bresser, Omegon, Explore Scientific and others with M54 x 0.75 male threads.

The compression tension-ring of thick-walled hard bronze keeps its shape even after many years of use and holds expensive accessories securely without causing scratches or pressure points.

A small rotation of 20 degrees with a  gentle fingertip pressure to the knurled lever is enough to securely clamp every 2″ accessory. The ratchet function features acoustic and haptic display of the clamp-position. This way you can hear and feel in darkness without looking if the clamp is opened or closed.

Baader PlanetariumM54 x 0.75 Inverter Ring

The M54 x 0.75 Inverter Ring offers a continuous M54 x 0.75 male thread which converts an M54 x 0.75 female thread into an M54 x 0.75 male thread. The optical length equals to zero and disappears completely between two M54 x 0.75 internal threads and cannot become jammed. As soon as the connection is opened, the external thread ring is also loosened. It offers non-reflecting grooved and is painted dead flat black.

Baader PlanetariumM68a to M48a Reducing Piece

The M68a to M48a Reducing Piece offers a direct connection of M48 accessories to the Baader M68 system. It changes the M68 female into a M48 male thread offering a M68 male thread on the telescope side and a M48 male thread on the eyepiece side. The optical length is 5 mm; the inner diameter s 45 mm; and the outer diameter is 76 mm.

M68a Reducing Piece3″ to M68a Reducing Piece

The Baader Reducing 3″ to M68a Piece is designed to connect all parts of the Baader M68 System directly on FLI color filter wheels and SBIG STX CCD cameras with a 3″ 24G UNS-2B female thread.  The lens side has a 3.3″ female thread and the eyepiece side has a M68x1 male thread.

M68 Adjustable AdapterBACHES M68 Adjustable Adapter

The BACHES M68 Adjustable Adapter provides the ability to connect the Baader BACHES Echelle-Spectrograph to the Baader (Zeiss) M68-System which allows the attachment of the BACHES spectrograph to many of the most commonly used telescopes as well as a variety of cameras.

Baader has also released the new MaxBright II Binoviewer incorporates Baader’s vast experience acquired during thirty years of building astronomical binoviewers. The company builds its binoviewers to be utilized with a compliment of accessories to offer complete system solutions.

To learn more visit the Baader Planetarium website.

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