New Image Processing Services Helps Astroimagers Get the Most out of their Astroimages

Astroimager Kfir Simon has started a new service – Image Processing Services (IPS) – to help fellow astroimagers get the most out of their images. The offerings include working directly with clients to process specific images, offering one-on-one tutorials on astroimaging techniques/software and series of online how-to videos. Pricing is based upon individual needs.

As Simon comments “Many times, I see nice fellow astroimagers collect superb data with cutting edge instruments only to publish a mediocre, dull images without extracting their full potential. Some of them have reached out and I processed their images with full confidentiality for them to publish in many sites and magazines. I have the time…You have the data…let’s make nice pictures!”

Among the one-on-one software tutorial subjects available include:

– Stacking with Maxim DL

– Deep processing with Photoshop

– Enhancements with Pixinsight

– Deconvolution with Maxim DL and Pixinsight

– Star correction with Startools

– Noise reduction with several programs.

You can learn more here.

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