Nikon Binocular Telescope 20×120 IV and 25×120

The new Nikon Binocular Telescope, available in the 20×120 IV and 25×120, have been introduced and are available with a dedicated pillar stand with adapter.

Nikon Binocular TelescopeBoth of the models realize a bright, high-resolution image with large 120mm objective lenses which deliver amazingly bright images, excellent for low light or astronomical viewing. The binocular view provides 3-D vision and reduces eye fatigue compared to a spotting scope or telescope. The binoculars employ high quality optics to virtually eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations, again reducing eye fatigue and resulting in extremely crisp, flat field images.

The proprietary optics have Nikon’s special multi-coatings, along with the other lens surfaces throughout the binocular. The eyepieces focus individually with a close focus of 689′ and have wrap-around winged eyecups to eliminate side light for better contrast. The wide apparent field of view is 55.3° for the 20×120 IV and 64.7° for the 25×120 model and both versions offer a very flat field of focus.

Nikon Binocular TelescopeThe Nikon Binocular Telescope body is an airtight and waterproof structure which prevents rain and night dew from entering. It will suffer no damage to the optical system if submerged or dropped in water to a maximum depth of 2m/6.6 ft for up to 10 minutes (obviously that is not recommended!). It is filled with nitrogen gas to keep the binoculars fog-free inside. High corrosion-proofing and shake-resistance features maintain performance over an extended life.

Attaching the Binoculars to the Nikon Telescope Pillar Stand w/Adapter enables stabler and easier observation. Equipped with a solid fork mount, easy handling is achieved with 360° horizontal rotation and -30° (downward) to +70° (upward) tilting.

Specifications for the 20×120 IV Nikon Binocular Telescope include:

– Magnification (x): 20

– Objective diameter (mm)|: 120

– Angular field of view (real) (°): 3.0

– Angular field of view (apparent) (°): 55.3

– Field of view at 1,000 m/yd. (m/ft): 52/156

– Exit pupil (mm): 6.0

– Relative brightness: 36.0

– Eye relief (mm): 20.8

– Close focusing distance (m/ft): 133/436.4

– Length (mm/in.): 680/26.8

– Width (mm/in.): 454/17.9

– Height (mm/in.): 160/6.3

– Weight (kg/oz.): 14/493.8

– Interpupillary distance adjustment (mm/in.) :58-74/2.3-2.9

– Diopter adjustment (m-1): -5 – +3

Specifications for the 25×120 Nikon Binocular Telescope include:

– Magnification (x): 25

– Objective diameter (mm): 120

– Angular field of view (real) (°):2.9

– Angular field of view (apparent) (°): 64.7

– Field of view at 1,000 m/yd. (m/ft) 50/150

– Exit pupil (mm): 4.8

– Relative brightness: 23.0

– Eye relief (mm): 18.9

= Close focusing distance (m/ft): 210/689.0

– Length (mm/in.): 672/26.5

– Width (mm/in.): 454/17.9

– Height (mm/in.): 160/6.3

– Weight (kg/oz.): /493.8

– Interpupillary distance adjustment (mm/in.): 58-74/2.3-2.9

– Diopter adjustment (m-1):-5 – +3

You can learn more at Nikon’s website.

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